Team Inside-Out is a year-long group training program with Garret Kramer for coaches who are not only dedicated to their clients, students, and their own careers, but also to changing the face of coaching from an Outside-In model to an Inside-Out one. From changing the face of coaching from imparting tools, techniques, beliefs, and strategies, to pointing solely to true nature: who we are and what everyone shares.  

Team IO is not a certification program. There will be no diploma or graduation upon completion. In this program, participants will dive deep into the inside-out paradigm that has shaped Garret's coaching/teaching career, and his relationships with some of the world’s finest athletes and teams for over twenty years. 

Using a mix of virtual-group meetings, in-person training events, and individual support, participants in the program will not only realize the importance and power of the inside-out paradigm for themselves, but will also benefit from Garret's years of real-world experience in bringing this paradigm to the field of sports—which changed the face of mental performance in sports forever.

This program will kick off in January 2019. With the first virtual meeting scheduled for January 7th, 2019.

For more details on the 2019 program, please read Garret's invitation to join the program here. If you have questions, please get in touch using either the contact form or by sending an email to You’ll hear back from Garret or a member of Team IO shortly thereafter.

Thank you for your interest in Team Inside-Out.